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SKin Tatto

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts Read More

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts Read More

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Hand made Read More

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts Read More

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Hand made

This tattoo designed by hand Read More

After care

> Wash the tattoo gently within three hours after getting it done with Johnson & Johnson’s baby soap.
>  Pat dry the tattoo and apply Neosporin/Cipladine Antibiotic Powder.
> Do not wet it for 12 hours after this.
 > Whenever going in for a shower, apply a fairly thick coat of Vaseline/Bioline Petroleum Jelly on the tattoo before your shower and make sure wash off the Jelly with the baby soap after the bath.
> Apply the antibiotic ointment (Vitamin A & D/ Silverex) on the tattoo.
> Follow this procedure for the next 10-15 days.
> Do not scratch or peel off scabs from the tattoo.
> No swimming or sunbathing for one month.
> Do not apply any oil on to the tattoo.
> Keep the tattoo away from sunlight for atleast three weeks.
> After a month, whenever you are exposing your tattoo to sunlight or getting into salt or sea water, apply sunscreen on to it.
You have got a new & fresh tattoo now and you want to take good care of it! In this scenario, your artist shall not responsible for any infection or problems you may have with your tattoo if you do not give proper attention to it... A really beautiful tattoo can turn into a disaster if the proper aftercare is not taken.
Protection from the direct sunlight
it might take 2-3 weeks to heal a tattoo. After your tattoo is healed, from now on, you should always have to protect it from direct rays of sun light. It emits ultra-violet rays and is dangerous for skin. These can fade and damage a brilliant tattoo very speedily. Before spending a lot of time in excessive heat, protect your tattoo with a minimum 30SPF sun block. This will keep your tattoo vibrant for many years, and it will always be a matter of pride and joy. This is how your tattoo never get old and you never get fed up.
• For healing signification is an itching sensation signifies that your tattoo is healing. Don't choose any scabs or scratch the tattoo throughout this period of time. A slap is sufficient to obtain rid of small itching. In the event the itching sensation is extra than normal.
These efforts will help you to make and keep your tattoo beautiful and attractive.
Material Quality/Sterilization :

Ink :-  We import/use pre-sterilized made in USA organic permanent tattoo inks from world renewed tattoo supply companies on which we rely based on our long experience with results.

Needles :- Pre-Sterilized Tattoo Needles will be taken out from sealed packing in front of customer. Also needles will be trashed in front of customer after completion of Tattoo.

Gloves :- Medically approved latex/ Rensow gloves are used during whole tattooing process.

Tattoo Machine Nib/Tip/Grip Extension :- Disposable Quality.

Tattoo Machines :- We use fully automatic coil and rotary based tattoo machines.

Lubricant :- Medically Approved Lubricant along with mixture of A&D Ointment is used during tattoo making.

Tattoo Marking Pen :- Sterilized Marking Pen specifically made for tattooing is used in our studio.

Stencil Making :- Hectograph Sheet made specifically for tattooing purpose is used for making tattoo stencil.

Tattoo Studio Sterilization/Safety Hazards :
We are applying International Hygienic Standards and have fully sterilized environment in our Tattoo Studio.

Prices :
Prices : - Price of each Tattoo is as unique as it's design.

> We charge as per design and size of the tattoo. Price is advised after Tattoo design is selected/customized. We do not charge for design customisation.

>Our starting price for permanent tattoos is Rs 1500 (excluding Tattoo After Care Products and Prices are subject to change without prior notice).
> Prices are fixed and we do not entertain bargaining.
> We are not concerned about prices at other studios.

Appointment for Permanent Tattoo :

We are able to tattoo on walk in customers in maximum cases. Appointment for Permanent Tattoo is confirmed only after :-
1) Tattoo design/size is discussed by customer with us in our studio.
2) 40% of payment is made in advance.
Note : - Confirm appointment can only be given after design/size and advance payment is made.


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